Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pre-Op Consultation Postponed

So, the Friday before my consult was scheduled, I received a call from the surgeon's office requesting that I obtain copies of the images from my previous Brain and Neck MRIs. Even though they are over three years old, and the surgeon will be sending me for a recent MRI as part of my pre-op testing, they let me know that he would want to look at them prior to my surgery to get a better plan of action for the lead placement planning. So, if you are in this process, you may want to do the same to be prepared and avoid last minute requests and driving.

I got everything on CD that afternoon and was prepared for my Monday morning consult...

On the day of my appointment I received a call that my surgeon had been called in for an emergency surgery, and I have had to reschedule for April 4th. Though I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed (That morning's pain level didn't help any), I quickly had to focus on the fact that 1. Someone needed him more than I did at that moment, and I hope they had the best outcome possible in their situation. 2. I am not dealing with the unfortunate insurance denial issues I see every day with other folks in my situation. and 3. I've dealt with this for years, what is a few more weeks for the possibility of lifelong relief and improvement.

So, keeping my head to speak...and I'll let you all know what happens in April.